Free Webinar Series on Web-based Data Sharing from ALN Award Winner

A series of four webinars on making building asset information securely available on mobile devices is being held during June 2016. The series provides an “under-the-hood” look at the processes behind the 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Award for Federal Agency Collaboration that was spearheaded by ONUMA, Inc.

There will be a live viewing of the final Program2BIM webinar on June 30th starting at 2 pm. For more details go to:

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, will lead the series to explain the benefits and processes involved in using a Services Oriented Architecture approach to web-based data sharing regarding facility assets, personal property, fleets, energy, water and other assets related to buildings.

The series will expose the processes already being used in other industries and how they are beginning to transform the building industry. The processes were refined and proven in pilot projects funded by the Department of Defense, Defense Health System, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Office of Management and Budget’s This team won a 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Award for Federal Agency Collaboration.

The webinars are interrelated, but each one will focus on one of four major stakeholder groups: Owners, Consultants, Suppliers and IT Professionals.

Attendees will learn how to structure data to satisfy requirements for ISO 55001 sections 7.5 Information Management and 7.6.3 Control of Documented Information.