5th Asset Leadership Week

5th Asset Leadership Week – Nov 13 – 16, 2018

Washington, D.C.

National Academy of Sciences – U.S. Capitol – University of the District of Columbia

The 5th Asset Leadership Week represents the most expansive view on U.S. asset management we have organized to date. With events at the National Academies, the U.S. Capitol and the University of the District of Columbia, the Week offers a depth of insights on the opportunities available from systematic application of asset management principals.

Senator Tom Carper has agreed to speak during the Week. Senior Executives in the Department of Defense, General Services Administration and other agencies are committed to present real-world asset management successes that can be replicated. The Government Accountability Office study on asset management is planned for publication prior to the 5th Asset Leadership Week and will be addressed in presentations by the GAO and in panel discussions about implications of the study and next steps.

Our ongoing relationship with the National Academies’ Federal Facilities Council allows an august setting for united efforts to improve federal facility asset management. And our first State and Local Government Summit will be hosted by the University of the District of Columbia through our growing relationship with the District of Columbia Government, which is a distinguished leader in government asset management.

The opportunity to learn and expand your network of positive influencers will help you with immediate needs and long-term planning.

Please join us for as much of the 5th Asset Leadership Week as you can!