ALN offers A55K Professional Certification Overview

ALN offers A55K Professional Certification Overview

As part of the 5th Asset Leadership Week the Asset Leadership Network will offer an overview of its new A55K Professional Certification, on Thursday 15 November at 3 pm. The overview presentation will be in the offices of Grant Thornton at 333 John Carlyle Street, Alexandria, Virginia.
The certification program was created to prepare professionals to effectively participate in an organization’s establishment and implementation of an ISO 55000 program. Organizations that have implemented ISO 55000 have found as much as 20 – 30 % improvement in the management of their assets.
Andrew James Advisory Group (AJAG), is the first ALN organizational member approved to provide a training course that prepares candidates to be tested on the use and implementation of the ISO 55000 management system for asset management. Presienting will be AJAG President Richard Uytdewilligen and Principals, Tia Maragos, Lindsay Ziegler and Boyd Beal.
Also presenting will be Marlene Millemaci, ALN A55K Professional Certification Director. Millemaci led a team that created a test and reviewed the the AJAG course material to validate it was appropriate for the test. The test was established independent of the content of the course.
Learn how A55K Professional Certification for key team members can help increase the chances for a successful organizational implementation of ISO 55000.
Register for the A55K Professional Certification Overview at the Events tab on this website.
A Road Map Webinar – High Performance Organizations and ISO 55000

A Road Map Webinar – High Performance Organizations and ISO 55000

Becoming a High Performance Organization Using ISO 55000

A Road Map Webinar

A dynamic, interactive webinar will highlight key points from a breakthrough White Paper that provides a path to dramatic benefits from the ISO 55000 management system for asset management.

Wednesday 26 September 2018 – 1 pm Eastern – Register Now!

The benefits of using the ISO 55000 management system for asset management will inform webinar attendees about the sound foundation, anticipated results and first steps for implementation of the system.

The webinar will focus on key points in the “Asset Management in High Performance Organizations” white paper co-written by the Asset Leadership Network and 4tell Solutions.

The main benefits of ISO 55000 can be summarized as: helping organizations achieve their stated goals in a more reliable manner and optimizing investments to support goals.

These benefits are achieved because the system:

– Align business goals and objectives across the organization to break down silos;

– Apply transparent and consistent decision making rules reliably and uniformly;

– Make risk-based decisions from a position of knowledge; and,

– Ability to see long-term, strategic lifecycle view.

Other benefits listed include reduced capital costs, reduced operational costs and improved reliability.

Case studies from the paper will be discussed.

Subtitled “A Roadmap to High Performance: ISO 55000 and a Management Systems Approach to Asset Management,” the white paper’s principle authors are Jack Kelly, ALN Senior Fellow for Federal Programs, and Michael Hardy, 4tell Solutions, Vice President, Public Sector and ALN Senior Fellow for State and Local Government.

Kelly and Hardy will be joined by executives from 4tell Solutions and the Asset Leadership Network to describe the benefits of exploring the paper and developing the confidence, strategy and tactics to gaining improve organizational performance.

Citing ISO 55000 “shall statements” as guideline questions for teams to answer collectively, the White Paper provides a pathway for teams to gain these significant benefits.

Obtain the “Asset Management in High Performance Organizations” white paper and related documents from the following websites:

Federal Asset Management Implementation – A Webinar Series

Federal Asset Management Implementation – A Webinar Series

The Asset Leadership Network and supporters are providing a webinar series featuring the output of Work Groups started in 2016 to focus on Federal asset management issues.  The Work Groups have reconvened in 2017 and shifted their focus to implementation success and repeatable processes.

The webinar series will be launched at the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s Keck Center by the Federal Facility Council.

Asset Management Work Groups continue to focus on 6 key asset management elements identified by the Institute of Asset Management. The elements are:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organization and People
  3. Decision Making
  4. Life Cycle Management
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Risk and Review

Webinars will provide i) key elements of successful implementation practices, ii) case study examples that real world experience, good and bad, and iii) challenges to overcome for successful implementation.

Each Work group will also indicate its path forward with presentations at the 4th Annual Federal Asset Management Week, November 13 – 17, 2017, also co-hosted  with NAS FFC.

The Webinar Series also includes special focus topics including Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Asset Management for complex Ownership Conditions.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine will broadcast the first Webinar from the Keck Center, April 6 at 3 pm. Limited seating is available.

Webinars will be broadcast on Thursdays at 3 pm Eastern.  The schedule is as follows:

April 6                   Michael Aimone – Cybersecurity – limited seating available at NAS Keck Center

April  13                Strategic Planning Work Group Webinar 1

April  20                Marty Rowland – ASTM Standard on Public Infrastructure Management

April  27                Organization and People Work Group Webinar 2

May  4                   Decision Making Work Group Webinar 3

May  11                 Life Cycle Management Work Group Webinar 4

May  18                 Special Guest

May  25                 Knowledge Management Work Group Webinar 5

June 1                    Risk and Review Work Group Webinar 6

June 8                    Steve Wyton – Calgary, Canada ISO 55000 Government Implementation Case Study (?)


A Report based on the Work Group findings will be made available by the Asset Leadership Network.

For more details and a link to registration go to

Register directly here: Federal Asset Management Implementation Webinar Series

Thad Allen to be featured speaker at Federal Asset Management Forum

Thad Allen to be featured speaker at Federal Asset Management Forum

Thad Allen, Executive Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton and former Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, will speak at the the 3rd Annual Federal Asset Management Policy Forum being held in Washington, D.C. from October 17 – 19, 2016. Details on the speech topic and time will be posted in the near future.

BIM Ball for the Facility Lifecycle at the National Academy of Sciences

BIM Ball for the Facility Lifecycle at the National Academy of Sciences

Data-Driven Decisions for Facilities and Assets:
Create Value with Existing Information 
and Hit the BIM Ball for the Entire Lifecycle

A Forum at:
The National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC
and Conclusion of the Program2BIM Webinar Series

June 30, 2016
2 pm to 3 pm EDT In-person webinar viewing
3 pm to 4:30 pm EDT Policy Planning Discussion

National Academy of Sciences
Keck Center 500 5th St., NW, DC. Room 206

​Space is Limited 

For more information and registration, go to:

Join in person or by webinar.

Free Webinar Series on Web-based Data Sharing from ALN Award Winner

Free Webinar Series on Web-based Data Sharing from ALN Award Winner

A series of four webinars on making building asset information securely available on mobile devices is being held during June 2016. The series provides an “under-the-hood” look at the processes behind the 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Award for Federal Agency Collaboration that was spearheaded by ONUMA, Inc.

There will be a live viewing of the final Program2BIM webinar on June 30th starting at 2 pm. For more details go to:

Kimon Onuma, FAIA, will lead the series to explain the benefits and processes involved in using a Services Oriented Architecture approach to web-based data sharing regarding facility assets, personal property, fleets, energy, water and other assets related to buildings.

The series will expose the processes already being used in other industries and how they are beginning to transform the building industry. The processes were refined and proven in pilot projects funded by the Department of Defense, Defense Health System, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Office of Management and Budget’s This team won a 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Award for Federal Agency Collaboration.

The webinars are interrelated, but each one will focus on one of four major stakeholder groups: Owners, Consultants, Suppliers and IT Professionals.

Attendees will learn how to structure data to satisfy requirements for ISO 55001 sections 7.5 Information Management and 7.6.3 Control of Documented Information.

Learn about BIM ​Assets + More 3.22.2016 in DC

Learn about BIM ​Assets + More 3.22.2016 in DC

March Event Hosted by:
​Federal Real Property Association

March 22, 2016 – 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST
Holland & Knight meeting space at 800 17th Street NW, Washington DC
$20/members, $30/non-members – ​includes lunch
A presentation featuring:
Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Construction & Facility Management
Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency
National Institute of Building Sciences
Asset Leadership Network​
Federal Contractors 

 For more information, click here:


Asset Leadership Network Panel Featured at  NPMA Federal Property Workshop

Asset Leadership Network Panel Featured at NPMA Federal Property Workshop

Asset Leadership Network Panel Featured at National Property Management Association Federal Property Workshop

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 8 am – 4 pm

Holiday Inn, 1900 North Fort Myers Drive, Arlington, Virginia


The National Property Management Association Federal Center Chapter is holding a Federal Property Workshop that will include a panel discussion among Asset Leadership Network members on Public Policy concerning asset management.

The Asset Leadership Network panel will include Executive Director Jim Dieter, Rich Culbertson, Rob Liebrandt and Scott Pepperman. Pepperman, who is also Executive Director of the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property will be the moderator.

The Panel will address the Public Policy issues being addressed by the Asset Leadership Network, including asset management legislative language development, outreach to legislators, meetings with Federal Agencies and other initiatives.

Also, Asset Leadership Network member Kim Doner will join Jim Dieter and others on a Consulting Fellows panel.

Registration is available at:


Fleet Management Awareness Month

Fleet Management Awareness Month

The National Property Management Association (NPMA) and Mercury Associates are partnering to kick off its first ever Fleet Management Awareness Month in 2016.  Activities include a series of educational webinars,  helpful tips,  opportunities to collaborate, and knowledge to help drive your career forward, and are all complimentary and open to both members and non-members of the NPMA.  More information and registration information is available here.

Shahid Shah Accepts Asset Leadership Impact Award

Shahid Shah Accepts Asset Leadership Impact Award

Shahid Shah ALN ImpactShahid Shah spoke at the National Press Club during the Asset Leadership Network’s 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards (left).

He was a team member on the 2015 Federal Agency Collaboration Asset Management Impact Award winning FED iFM and SEPS2BIM pilot projects involving the DepartmentMAX Team Impact Awards of Defense – Defense Health Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Navy NAVFAC and the Office of Management and Budget. (right)

As Chief Architect of, Mr. Shah has been a key partner in developing and expanding the use of authentication capabilities.

Mr. Shah revisited his award speech with the ALN’s Communication Team Leader, Michael Bordenaro.


Below are the highlights of Mr. Shah’s comments from the 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards Dinner.

“I am excited about ALN for three key reasons. One is the “L” in ALN – which stands for the most important thing here – leadership.

Leadership matters and any organization that is willing to get people together and help develop that leadership must be supported.

The second reason I am excited is the “Vision” ALN supports. When you have the right leaders, the vision is usually big but also achievable. If leadership has the same shared vision it is then about everyone winning together.

And winning means impact – that is what Jim Dieter has been espousing – “ALN is about Impact.”

“Impact” is the third reason I am excited about ALN. Impact can be significant if it happens during the tenure you are at a government agency, institution or any entity.

There many benefits that come from sharing things, but sometimes these things take so long to happen, we never get to see the fruits of those labors.

The good news is – there are Impact Award Winners here who have shown the leadership, established the vision, and picked some small wins with high impact and to see it happen while they are there so they can begin to get that ball rolling and have it get bigger and bigger while they are there. started about 7 years ago with a small idea about a line of business for a couple of thousand people. Seven years later there are over 150,000 users – dozens of applications, all made available in a shared services approach.

There are systems available today that were not conceivable just a few years ago. Systems that Federal Agencies can use for free – things like Shared Authentication. These systems allow you to do things like share files – which seems so mundane but so important. The systems provide workspaces where you can work together and share ideas – workspaces where you can collect data, analyze it and present it back to your leadership, back to your teams.

From the OMB perspective, we are thrilled to support the vision of the Department of Defense Health Agency and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but more importantly, we are hoping the sharing goes beyond the government. is a professional social site for people in and around government where people connect with each other. They are one of the first groups that are not government, but are using a shared service from government known as MAX Authentication to authenticate those government users. Because if government users are connecting, they might as well use a government authentication system. That is one simple example – there are dozens of other examples – for commercial, government, quasi government and partnered approaches to using what already exists.

The modern government of today is not the government of 10 – 15 years ago. Professionals who are new to the workforce have been in shared collaborative environments for years, they want to work together in dynamic ways that have impact.

So what we are hoping is that ALN with its leadership and focus on impact can start to catalogue these successes – start to share – to give evidence that it is indeed possible to do all of this. Because only when we all agree that it is possible will we go beyond the dinner and the social settings to say, “Let’s go make something next Monday that we didn’t have the last Monday.”

If there is anything you need from us on the MAX side – we are happy to help.

Of course Kimon Onuma is one of our biggest cheerleaders. He knows us pretty well and if there is anything you need, you can pass it through him and he will get it to us

I want to thank Jim Dieter and the Asset Leadership Network – you don’t know what a big deal it is to have somebody from OMB to be sitting here for this long – this is important – that is why Phil Wegner from OMB is here – yesterday Andy Schoenbach spent time with you. So what we are doing here is important to build leadership, share the vision and make an impact.”